Happy Father’s Day! Men And Cats By David Williams

Father’s Day is Sunday June 17th 2018!

David Williams is a photographer with a soft spot for felines. He resides in Brooklyn, New York with his girlfriend and cat. He and artist girlfriend Rachel adopted their kitty Margot, in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, left many shelters full to capacity. David has an original on-going photo series called Men and Cats. He would like to show the world that animals know no gender. He would also like anyone considering adopting a companion animal to see that there is a low maintenence purring option. Lots of men instantly opt for a dog thinking it’s the manly route. These images speak for themselves.

Click the slideshow below to see David’s amazing work:

David is a talented photographer with a message of redefining the worlds perception of cat owners. David is available for commissions worldwide. To see more of his work visit on DavidWilliamsPhotography.com and don’t forget to follow David on Instagram for more amazing pics!

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