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Halle Berry Welcomes 2 New Kittens Into Her Family

On June 27, Halle Berry introduced the latest additions to her family, two new kittens named Boots and Coco. The actor rescued them after finding them with their mama in her yard, helping find forever homes for their siblings. She also revealed that the mama cat would now be the family’s outdoor cat, who was released after being spayed.

Halle Berry adopts 2 new kittens, helps find forever home for the rest

Halle Berry took to Instagram on Thursday to welcome two new adorable kittens to her family. Along with her felines, she also posted photos of the rest of the litter, who have already found loving homes. Moreover, the actor posted an image of the mama cat as well, whom Berry spayed and then released in her yard. She announced that the mama would be their outdoor cat from now on.

The cat distribution system was hard at work as the “Catwoman” star found a litter of kittens with their mom in her yard. While Boots and Coco enjoy their life in Halle Berry’s house, their siblings have also found forever homes. The family of five were strays before the actor found them. According to People, the new kittens join Halle Berry’s brood, which includes two Labradoodles whom she loves very much.

With kitten season upon us, following Berry’s lead and spaying and neutering cats whenever possible is extremely important. If one comes across a stray, getting them fixed can help tackle the feline overpopulation issue. Moreover, if you find a litter, along with rescuing the little ones, it is crucial to spay the mama cat.

Shelters around the United States have been urging everyone to spay and neuter strays to avoid overcrowded facilities. With May to July being the peak kitten season, more and more animal shelters are becoming overwhelmed with the number of felines being turned in. Thus, getting stray cats and pets fixed is essential to avoid adding to the overpopulation issue.

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