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8 Insane Animal Laws You Won’t Believe Still Exist

With a lot of pending legislation pertaining to animal abuse and safety, it’s interesting to note that many states already have pet laws on their books that are decidedly odd.

1. Live and Let Live

Dogs in Madison, Wisconsin are prohibited from worrying the squirrels in the park next to the capital. There’s no word on if they can make the squirrels nervous in other parts of town.

2. Get a Room

In Newcastle, Delaware, couples are not allowed to kiss or even hold hands while walking a dog on a leash. Don’t be a bad influence on the canine kids!

3. Get a Room, part two

Ventura County, California lawmakers just can’t mind their own business when it comes to intimate activities. Dogs and cats there are not allowed to mate without a permit. Say good-bye to those spontaneous moments!

4. Dress for Success

Any animal in Berea, Ohio that goes outside after dark must wear a tail light. Maybe to prevent those nasty rear-end collisions? All cats in Creskill, New Jersey must wear three bells to warn birds of their approach when the venture outside, and French Lick Springs, Indiana mandates that every black cat must wear a bell – but only on Friday the 13th.

5. School Ban

In Hartford, Connecticut it’s against the law to educate a dog. Those with aspirations of higher learning will just have to relocate to a more inclusive state.

6. You’ve Been Warned

Dogs in Denver, Colorado get a three-day head start to get out of town before being impounded. The state requires dogcatchers to notify dogs of an impending impound by posting a notice on a tree in city parks and along public roads for three days prior to the impound. Fair warning!

7. Biting Allowed

In Palding, Ohio law enforcement can be harsh. A police officer can bite a dog in order to quiet him.

8. Personal Space

Residents of Wallace, Idaho beware: it’s against the law to sleep in a dog’s kennel. Dogs there are apparently not inclined to share.

Strange laws about pets are certainly not the exclusive domain of the United States. In Turin, Italy pet owners face a $650 fine if they don’t walk their dog at least 3x a day. Dogs who attend day care in Sweden must have a window to look out of at the care facility. In Switzerland, dog ownership is really taken seriously. All pets there must have an animal companion, and people must pass a written test before they’re allowed to own a dog.

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