A cat on a leash, Waconia has passed a cat law requiring cat owners to put their pets on a leash when in public.
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New Cat Law Makes Leash Mandatory in Waconia

In a new law by the Waconia City Council, cat owners will soon join dog owners in adhering to leash regulations in Waconia, Minnesota. They will have to leash their cats when off their owner’s property. Amidst concerns over pet safety and cleanliness, the council amended an existing ordinance to include cats in the regulations previously applied to dogs. 

Council amends new law regulating dogs to include cats

The Waconia City Council announced the update in the existing dog law on Monday, Apr. 1, as Fox 9 reports. As a result, cat owners will now be required to leash their pets when in public, confine them within their property using a fence or leash, and promptly clean up any waste left by their feline companions in parks or others’ yards.

Waconia City Administrator Shane Finerman stated, “We’re just responding to concerns residents have. It seems fairly common sense for owners to keep and maintain their animals in a safe manner and not disturb others.” 

Additionally, city officials indicate that the adjustment targets cat owners who permit their pets to roam unrestricted in their neighborhoods. They highlight that neighboring communities have implemented comparable leash laws for cats. 

Finerman said that they aim for pet owners to act responsibly, ensuring they don’t allow their pets to roam freely or disturb the neighbors. 

One of the residents in Waconia, Jeff Schultz, reacted positively to the new cat law. In his words, “I think it’s probably a good idea for the cat’s sake and for other people who might come across the cat.” Another resident, Tina Fortwengler shared, “Yes. If you are going to have them, I think they should be under the same laws as other pets.” 

Moreover, cats will also need to wear either a collar or have a microchip for easy identification. The updated ordinance will come into effect upon its publication, expectedly sometime next week.


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