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How To Train Your Cat To Walk On A Leash

Have you been researching safe ways to allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors without risking predators, moving vehicles, and environmental hazards?

Well, training your feline to tolerate using a leash could be just the ticket for any aspiring adventure cat.

Here’s a step by step guide to training your cat to walk on a leash.

Get Hold Of A Secure Harness

First up, you’ll need to secure a suitable leash and harness for your cat. The harness should attach to your cat’s body, while the leash is the part that you hold yourself.

The harness should be the right size for your cat, which means making sure that it’s not so loose that your cat could escape but not too tight that it might cause injury or discomfort.

Get Your Cat Used To The Harness

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The next step to eventually training your cat to walk on a leash is to focus on getting them comfortable wearing the harness indoors.

Start with very short sessions and make sure to reward your kitty with one or two treats after every session. Gradually increase the length of time your cat is wearing their harness as they become more comfortable in it.

Add The Leash Indoors

Once your cat seems comfortable in the harness, start adding the leash, and let them embark on short, indoor adventures.

Don’t actually hold the leash yourself; this is so that your kitty can become familiar with the feel of the leash without it being able to restrain them.

Practice An Indoor Walk

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Now that your cat is used to the leash and the harness, it’s time to take them on a short indoor practice walk.

Use treats and gentle persuasion to try and guide your cat, but make sure to never yank or pull the leash.

Head Outdoors!

When the weather is calm and dry, try a short, outdoor walk with your cat in a garden or other safe spot. Use treats if your cat seems hesitant or wary, and let them lead the way at first.

As your cat becomes more confident walking on a leash outdoors, you can gradually try to introduce them to more adventurous locations. But always keep them away from other animals that might see them as prey or any dangerous outdoor environments.

Don’t Forget The Towel

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While walking your cat on a leash outdoors, it’s always advisable to bring a towel with you.

This is so that if your cat becomes uncomfortable or scared and begins to freak out a little, you can always wrap them up safely in the towel and return to the sanctity of indoors.

Have you had any success training your cat to walk on a leash? What tips do you have for other pet parents who want to try it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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