Cat in a harness playing outdoors
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Fur Laughs: Kitten Dramatically Protests First Time Wearing A Harness [VIDEO]

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When we think of pets with leashes and harnesses, we usually picture dogs out for a walk. But what if you want to take your kitty for a stroll? Well, the kitten in the video above is not having any of it.

Egg, as this cute British Shorthair is named, has quite the dramatic reaction to his first time wearing a harness. The kitten contemplates his situation for a moment before flopping over onto his side. No walks today!

While it may seem odd to put a cat in a harness, Egg’s humans are trying to get him used to wearing one for walks. And it seems to have worked because he’s much more comfortable with his walking gear these days. Follow him on TikTok to see his progress!

Even though we may think of walking with a leash and harness as “dog stuff,” there are lots of cats out there who are happy to go for walks and do all kinds of things that dogs do. Here are just a few cat breeds that behave a lot like dogs!

Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs

(Picture Credit: Sabina Torres/Getty Images)

These cat breeds have a lot of dog-like qualities and may be perfect for families who are debating between adopting a cat or dog. Just remember, you can find just about any kind of cat from a shelter or rescue. Adopt, whenever possible!

Check out these cats who behave like dogs:

  • Turkish Angora — This fun-loving cat thrives on playing games, like fetch. The breed is known to be friendly even to strangers.
  • Maine Coon — Their high intelligence makes them easy to train and particularly good at games. Their size also just makes them like giant teddy bears!
  • Siamese — These vocal felines talk even more than your average dog. It seems like they’ve got a mewl, meow, or growl for every mood.
  • Manx — Just like a puppy, a Manx will follow their parents from room-to-room, never wanting to be out of sight. They’re also one of the few breeds that love car rides and are easily leash trained.
  • Ragdoll — These cats are notably quick to train by using positive reinforcement, such as treats and praise. They’re a quiet breed, but they grow very attached to their people.
  • Abyssinian — While not overly affectionate, Abyssinians love to play and are full of endless energy, making them great pets for kids.

Would your cat react to a harness like the kitten in the video? Have you ever tried to train your cat to walk on a leash? Let us know in the comments below!

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