Scientific Proof: Cat Videos Make People Happy & Increase Productivity

Have you ever watched a cat video and noticed that your mood was improved and that you were able to get more accomplished after?

Well assistant professor, Jessica Gall Myrick, from the Media School at Indiana University has been studying media trends. She conducted a survey and has some made some very interesting findings.

The study, Emotion Regulation, Procrastination, and Watching Cat Videos Online: Who Watches Internet Cats, Why, and to What Effect? was recently published in Computers in Human Behavior, an online Science journal. The study involved approximately seven thousand people.

The findings were pretty cool. In short, cat videos, make people happy and can give you that extra boost of energy so many need to get through the day. If you are feeling stressed out at work. A two minute cat video can be a quick fix. By watching cat related media, it can reduces stress. Not only is it possible to actually make you feel better, but you are able to accomplish more. (Be sure to send this article to your boss.)

Myrick said “Maybe that’s why we watch so often at work — because we’re stressed and looking to regulate our emotions.”

This may also explain why keyboard cat has over 40 million views. Imagine all of the productivity inspired by this video alone!

Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub have media pages with followers that by far surpass that of any canine and most humans. You could say that felines are in whole new catosphere.

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