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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day: 5 Ways To Memorialize Your Cat

August 28th is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day — a day to celebrate the lives of the cats and other pets who touched our lives and are no longer with us.

Some believe that our pets cross over to a place called the Rainbow Bridge when they die, and they wait for us there until our lives end so we can meet again. Whether or not you believe in the Rainbow Bridge, this day is a good opportunity to think about the cats that have been so special to you and to honor their memories.

There are so many ways to grieve and pay tribute to loved ones, and your own process will be deeply personal. These suggestions are simply meant to help inspire you to memorialize your cats in a way that brings you comfort and helps you move on, but never forget.

Here are five ways to memorialize your cat in honor of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

1. Have A Ceremony

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Sometimes the process of losing pets is painful and happens so fast that we don’t have time to catch our breath and hold a proper memorial service. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day can be a chance to set aside some time to make up for that.

A memorial service doesn’t need to be anything elaborate. It can just be you and your family, or maybe a few friends, who were particularly fond of the cat you lost. Share stories, appreciate your loved ones, and grieve together.

If you’re holding onto your pet’s ashes and have been meaning to spread them, this might be a good opportunity to do that.

2. Share Good Memories

It can be heartbreaking to talk about the cats that we’ve lost, but rather than focusing on the pain, we should remember the good times and share those positive memories with others.

Before the pain of loss, your cat gave you a lifetime of love and happiness, and one way to honor that love is by sharing and never forgetting it.

Your positive stories may encourage others who are afraid of losing a cat to realize that having a cat in your life is worth it, and it may help them make the choice to adopt and save another life.

3. Create Something

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Many people find comfort in expressing themselves through art or other creative outlets.

Whether or not you feel that you have a creative talent, try making something that will help you pay tribute to your cat. It can be a drawing, painting, poem, song, video, story, or even just a collection of thoughts that you write down. You can use woodworking, stitching, or any other skills you have, but just try to make something.

You’d be surprised how cathartic and comforting it can be to put your thoughts and emotions into creating, and you’ll be left with a lasting memorial that has very special meaning to you.

4. Carry A Tribute

You may want to remember your cat by always having something that reminds you of them close by.

A locket with a picture inside, a bracelet or piece of jewelry that reminds you of your cat, or even a picture in your wallet can be valuable reminders of the love and good times you shared, and it may be a visual symbol that part of your cat is always with you.

Just make sure you have copies of all pictures you use in case you lose your wallet or jewelry. Some people choose to even get tattoos that pay tribute to their cats so they always have a memorial with them, no matter what.

If that’s not your style, that’s fine, too. Everyone has their own way of remembering their loved ones.

5. Look Into Adopting Another Cat

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Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve had another cat. The pain of loss might make it seem like opening your heart again isn’t worth it.

I certainly wouldn’t rush anyone who is grieving to feel like they need to replace a cat immediately, or to just “get over it.” If you need time, that’s okay. But when you’re ready, consider sharing your home and your love with another cat.

Your kitty certainly wouldn’t want you to be sad and lonely. That’s why they brought you so much joy in life and comforted you when you needed it most. Adopting a new cat can be a great way to honor your old kitty’s love, and you’d be saving a life.

Too many cats live without loving forever families, and any one of them would be so happy to even get a fraction of the love you felt for your old cat. Bringing new life into your home is a great way to honor those you’ve lost.

What other things can people do to memorialize their cats on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day? What sorts of things do you do to pay tribute to cats you’ve lost? Let us know in the comments below!

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