Long-haired tuxedo cat cuddling on the arm of a man drinking wine at a cat winery.
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South Carolina Cat Winery Combines 2 of Your Favorite Things

You’ve heard of cat cafes, like this one in Sioux City, Iowa, that’ve helped felines find forever homes. But did you know there’s such a thing as a cat winery? Well, there is in South Carolina.

Cat winery combines feline cuddles and adult beverages

Cat’s Paw Winery combines two of your favorite things: furry felines and all the wine you could ever want.

Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, the feline-themed winery is owned and operated by John Burks. After honing his winemaking skills over several years, friends persuaded Burks to launch a winery. He opened the doors of the venue to the public in 2016. Since then, Cat’s Paw Winery has made a name for itself by producing exceptional, one-of-a-kind wines. The winery is already garnering accolades; Choice Wineries ranked it as the top spot in South Carolina.

Cat’s Paw Winery was inspired by John’s first orange Tabby cat, Joey, who is also the mascot of the business. Although Joey crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018, leaving an irreplaceable void in John’s heart, he has opened his home to many rescue cats throughout the years. Visitors to the winery just might cross paths with his new feline friends Percy, Simon, and Morris.

According to the winery’s website, the venue specializes in “wines that are smooth and delicious, palatable, and easy to drink.” They rely on traditional, small-batch artisanal wine-making processes. Their variety of red and white wines feature well water and real fruit juice. Unlike mass-produced wines, Cat’s Paw only uses two additives and does not add any tannins or sulfites to its wines. That means no wine headaches the morning after you indulge!  

The winery boasts a tasting room, gathering spaces, and retail sections for an immersive experience.

Cat-loving TikToker praises South Carolina winery

But don’t take our word for it. Just check out TikTok user @jensensavannah’s video of the hot spot.

“They make incredibly tasty wine,” the TikToker says in her video. “But come on, we can drink wine anywhere. I’m here for the cats.”

The video shows the TikToker traveling to “the sticks” outside of Charlotte, then apprehensively approaching a red brick house (the winery is located in the back).

“Everybody is real friendly and you can make yourself at home,” she narrates. “I love the vibes of this place. It’s so chill and cozy.”

She concludes by saying if you love cats and wine, “you’ve gotta add this to your bucket list.”

Don’t mind if we do! Bottom’s up!

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