Portrait of white cat with crown on head sitting on bed, Namibia.

Start Your Own Country Day: 5 Ways Cats Would Run Their Own Country

King cat on start your own country day
How would your cat rule their nation on Start Your Own Country Day? (Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Do you ever look over at your cat and suspect they’re having megalomaniacal thoughts? Well, be wary around November 22nd, as that’s Start Your Own Country Day!

We might all dream of what we’d do if we had absolute power over our own countries. But what would cats do if they were in charge?

In honor of Start Your Own Country Day, here’s a constitutional roll call of five ways cats would rule their very own country.

1. Mandatory Nap Times

cat napping on sofa
(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

It’s common knowledge that cats are content to sleep for the majority of the day, but under feline rule, there would be mandatory nap times every hour, on the hour.

No excuses, and no rebellious staying awake.

2. The Right To Treats On Tap

cat eating treats on floor
(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

You know those timed cat food dispensers that are designed to help your cat lose weight? Well, in a cat country, humans would have to replace them with treat dispensers offering up unlimited treats at the tap of a paw.

Ensuring that no feline goes without regular snacks, strutting within four feet of a treat dispenser would also signal it to play the noise of a shaking bag of treats.

3. Cardboard Architecture

cat in cardboard box
(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

In a cat world, all buildings would be made of cardboard boxes — no exceptions.

Furthermore, it would be down to the lowly humans to replace frayed or destroyed cardboard with new structures every week.

4. Plush Carpeted Flooring

cat lying on soft, furry rug
(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Humans might be all about slick, hardwood floors these days, but in a world where cats rule, plush, deep pile carpeting would cover every single square foot of flooring.

In fact, it’s really the only civilized way to sashay around between naps and snacks.

5. Roomba Transportation

Actually, why walk when you can Roomba? Yep, in a world with feline overlords, Roombas would be plentiful and called into service as leisurely ways for cats to move around.

Dignity, thy name is commute by Roomba, even in a shark outfit.

How would your cat rule the land? Would your kitty have any special laws for their own country? Now that we’ve started a cat’s constitution, let us know any additional rules and requirements in the comments below!


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