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#WeSayThanks Day: 5 Firehouse Cats Who Stand By Our Firefighters During The Pandemic

Firefighters have been playing a vital and essential role during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. While we’re all trying to stay safe by sheltering at home, our local firefighters are out of there on the front lines carrying out their duty.

That’s why we’re celebrating May 19th as #WeSayThanks Day to honor all those essential workers, like firefighters, who are still out there keeping us safe. Remember to wear purple–the combined blue and red colors of emergency service workers–on #WeSayThanks Day to show your support!

Of course, we can never thank our firefighters enough. Luckily, back at the firehouse, our heroes also supported by the lesser spotted firehouse cats! These felines help boost morale at the station, while also warding off uninvited vermin.

Here’s a tribute to five proud firehouse cats who are standing by our firefighters during the pandemic and giving them all the love they deserve.

1. Chanel In New York City, NY


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This fine black feline is Chanel, or Chanel Number 5 as she’s formally known. She’s an official part of the crew at the FDNY’s Engine 24.

2. Jax In Blanchard, OK


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Jax is the resident station feline at Blanchard Fire Station, situated in Oklahoma. In the photo above, he’s been captured in the middle of, as he puts it, “helping the rookies with ropes and knots.”

3. Carlow In New York City, NY


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Carlow is something of a superstar in firehouse cat circles. Based out of a firehouse in Manhattan, New York City, here you can see Carlow employing his tail to remind people of the importance of social distancing.

4. Winston In High Point, NC


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Over in High Point, North Carolina, you’ll find Lieutenant Winston presiding over the Horneytown Fire Department station. Committed to showing that safety is a must, Winston is naturally kitted out in his own feline protective gear.

5. Scout In New York City, NY


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Scout is a dutiful firehouse cat who definitely takes no prisoners. Here you’ll see Scout patrolling the fire truck to make sure everything is in order.

Do you know a firehouse cat who’s helping our firefighters during the pandemic? Have you ever met your local firehouse cat? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

Join Evolve Media’s #WeSayThanks campaign to show support to essential workers and thank them for their selfless acts of kindness and heroism. To learn how to get involved, please click here for more information.

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