Missing kitten who suffered burns is wrapped in protective bandages
(Photo Credits: Julija Matuka / Getty Images)

Missing Kitten Found Alive, With Burns, 8 Days After Explosion

A missing kitten named Miss Piggy was recently found alive. The cat went missing after a home explosion in Isanti County, Minnesota, in September 2023. Although she is safe, she has burns on her paws, ears, and face which need to be treated before she can be adopted.

Missing kitten is currently with Ruff Start Rescue

On Sept. 18, a house on Puma Street NW in Wyanett Township caught fire. The owner of the house was airlifted to the hospital, while some of her cats — including a feline called Squiggles — were found at the residence. However, another four-legged friend was still lost. Thankfully, that cat was found 8 days later.

The missing kitten, Miss Piggy, wandered around by herself before Ruff Start Rescue was made aware of her whereabouts. At only four months old and three pounds in weight, the missing kitten hardly had the odds of survival in her favor.

According to CBS News, the tiny feline was discovered with burns on her paws, ears, and face. Upon taking Miss Piggy in, the rescue organization immediately started the kitten on antibiotics and pain medication. They also bandaged her paws before placing her in a foster home.

Miss Piggy has been reunited with her sister Squiggles at that house. The second cat is also being treated for burns from the same explosion.

The cat’s owner, Val, sustained severe burns on her arms, legs, and head, according to a GoFundMe page started by her son, Sean. The pet parent is currently stable and recovering in the hospital.

Val’s son notes that the explosion completely devastated the property and that he wishes to raise $25,000. So far, the page has received nearly 100 donations amounting to just under $11,000. The money will be used for medications, bills, basic necessities, and lodging while the family searches for a long-term situation.

People interested in adopting the missing kitten — scarred by burns but full of life — or her sister can reach out to Ruff Start Rescue for more details. They can also check out other programs that the organization has to help pets in need.

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