A cat, similar to the one who was recently reunited with his owner in Pennsylvania after he went missing from his home.
(Photo Credit: Grace Cary | Getty Images)

Missing Cat Found After 5 Months

A missing cat in Pennsylvania has been reunited with his owner, reports CBS affiliate KDKA News. Oscar snuck out of the door of his Washington County home back in August 2023. Last week, someone found the feline on their porch and took him to the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh, a local animal nonprofit organization.

Cat went missing while owner took her dog outside

The cat’s owner, Meagan Harra, let her dog outside when Oscar managed to escape from the house. She looked for the cat for several months after he went missing. However, she started fearing the worst when she couldn’t find him.

“This could happen any time,” Michele Frennier, Director of Marketing at Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh, said. “Anyone who has pets knows that feeling of somehow opening the door and the animal scooting out.”

The feline was found on someone’s porch. The next morning, Oscar’s rescuer brought him into the shelter. Subsequently, the organization found he was microchipped, following which they reached out to his owner. Harra was delighted to be reunited with her beloved pet.

Importance of microchipping cats

Oscar’s story serves as a reminder for pet owners to ensure they microchip their pets so they can be returned safely in case they get lost. “So many animals are coming to us, especially strays,” Frennier said. “And that is why we say it is so important to have microchips.” Continuing, she shared, “Because when an animal comes to us, that is the first thing our team does is look for that microchip.”

In a similar incident, an Illinois trucker’s cat escaped from his vehicle during a stop in Nevada. Chad McIntyre looked for his feline in the area but couldn’t find him. Meanwhile, his wife, Brandy, posted about the incident on Facebook.

A few days later, a Good Samaritan found the cat at a truck stop in Wyoming, following which he was taken to a local shelter. Since the feline was microchipped, the shelter was able to quickly track his owners down and reunite the pet with his family.

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