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Stowaway Cat Secretly Joins Neighbors’ Road Trip

A clever cat figured out how to score a free vacation with a couple of unsuspecting neighbors. The feline, named Bonnie, snuck into his neighbors’ car just before they embarked on long road trip across England.

Cat joins road trip on the sly

According to Fox News, Janet and Paul Atkinson planned to take a road trip across England. They headed south from their home in Horncastle. When they reached Devon, almost 300 miles away, they decided to stop for a meal at a restaurant. After eating, they came back to the car to find a black-and-white cat waiting for them.

“We recognized the cat straightaway as a cat from our local village,” Janet told SWNS.

They quickly found out that the cat lived with their neighbor, Stephanie. But the couple still had several days of road-tripping left. It seemed unwise to bring Bonnie along with them. They called a local shelter for help.

“When I [called] Animals in Distress, they were able to take him as an emergency boarder for the week,” Janet said.

The couple dropped Bonnie off with the shelter, then continued on their road trip. A few days later, they returned to the shelter to pick up Bonnie. Then, all three headed home to Horncastle.

“When we picked him up at the end of the week to take him back home, his fur was gleaming,” Janet said.

According to Bonnie’s parent, the fur baby had a “lovely” vacation. “When he got home, he went first of all to say hello to his brother Clyde before going out to check his kingdom was all still as he’d left it,” they said.

A neighbor observed that post-vacation, Bonnie “went to sleep looking very pleased with himself.”

Why cats should probably skip road trips

Whether or not cats should join their humans on road trips is a matter of careful consideration. While some feline companions adapt well to travel, many find it stressful and overwhelming. Cats are creatures of habit. Most prefer the safety and routine of their home environment. Road trips can expose them to unfamiliar sights, sounds, and the confinement of a vehicle.

For those cat parents determined to bring their fur babies along on their journeys, make sure you take precautions. First, secure your cat in a comfortable carrier. Second, plan frequent stops for exercise and bathroom breaks. Finally, ensure your feline friend’s safety with proper restraints. Ultimately, the decision should prioritize the cat’s well-being and comfort, with careful planning and attention to their specific needs.

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