Fire in a building, similar to the one wherein a woman died after trying to save her cat.
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Woman Dies Trying to Save Cat From Burning Apartment

A woman in Houston, Texas, died last week after running back into her burning apartment to try and save her cat, People Magazine reports. Authorities received a call about the blaze sometime before 10:30 p.m., and upon arriving at the scene, firefighters were met with “heavy smoke and heavy fire.” After successfully controlling the flames, they found the woman’s body inside the apartment.

Fire broke out while family was asleep

As per ABC affiliate KTRK, the fire broke out in Andrew Salinas’ apartment when he and his family were asleep. Subsequently, Salinas evacuated the building with his wife, Keila Almonte, his kids, and his brother.

However, Almonte then decided to run back into the apartment in order to rescue her cat whilst her husband anxiously waited outside for her to return.

“When I was out here screaming for her, I didn’t hear anything,” Salinas said. “If I would’ve heard my wife, I would’ve ran in there. There would have been nothing that could have stopped me from going in to save my wife,” he added.

Authorities later declared Almonte dead.

Salinas, who’d been married to Almonte for two years, described his wife as “irreplaceable” and said she “really believed” in him. The couple’s two children are six and 10 years old.

“You have your loved ones. You give them a kiss everyday, and you tell them you love them, because one day they’re here. The next day, they’re not,” he shared.

Neighbor recorded video of fiery scene

According to CBS affiliate KHOU, one of Salinas’ neighbors shared a video where Salinas can be heard yelling his wife’s name as she was inside trying to save her cat from the fire. “As I was shooting the video, I was walking around the apartment trying to hear if somebody was screaming or what room they were in,” the neighbor said.

“Everything burned down and I don’t really care about none of that,” Salinas shared. I just want my wife back.”

As per the Houston Fire Department, the fire destroyed four units. Police are currently investigating what caused the blaze.

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