A cat, similar to the one who went missing seven years ago and was recently found living in a factory.
(Photo Credit: Evgeniia Siiankovskaia | Getty Images)

Missing Cat Found Living in Factory After 7 Years

A cat in England who went missing seven years ago has been found living in a factory, reports Wales Online. Duke, a Bengal cat, disappeared from his home back in January 2017 after having lived with his owner, Stephanie Barstow, for two years. Last month, a veterinarian found the feline at a factory, about 900 feet from his original home.

Cat recognized due to ‘distinctive facial markings’

Barstow said the vet recognized the cat due to his “distinctive facial markings and white paws.” Although Duke was microchipped, the contact number hadn’t been updated. Hence, the vet decided to go to his house.

According to the vet, the feline had been looked after by staff at the factory for a year. “They had even built him a little shed to sleep in and a feeding station,” Barstow said. However, his life at the factory wasn’t deemed safe. As a result, he was transported to the veterinary clinic.

Barstow added that she, along with various other community members, looked for the cat for several months after he disappeared. “I’m not completely sure why Duke didn’t come home,” she shared.

Barstow, however, recalled that Duke got into a fight with her other cat, Nero, the night before he went missing. “We had just had the baby too, so there was a lot of change going on and I know cats don’t really like change.”

Since Duke disappeared, Barstow has bought a dog and also had another baby. Hence, after finding him, she decided to send him to a new home. “I just felt so much guilt over what had happened to him, so I went to visit his new owner.”

She added the new owner’s recently renovated house was perfectly suited for the cat. “It was a very difficult decision but I think it was the best one for Duke.” As such, the feline has now moved to his new home.

“I wanted to share my story to give hope to other animal lovers and people in my situation to never give up,” Barstow said. “You never know what might happen.”

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