A cat, similar to the one who was rescued by a YouTuber in Texas.
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YouTuber Rescues Injured Cat, Films Video

YouTuber Spencer B. of SB Mowing, who’s known to help people by doing their yard work for free, recently rescued an injured cat in Corpus Christi, Texas, reports ABC affiliate KIII News. He found the feline on a lawn while filming one of his videos. Subsequently, he took the animal to Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary.

Rescued cat found in ‘rough shape’

According to Anissa Beal, who works at Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary, the feline was “in rough shape” when he arrived at the sanctuary. “He was holding the cat in a box,” she said, describing the moment Spencer arrived with the feline. Beal added, “I was kind of looking at the cat and the cat’s leg was very swollen.” Continuing, she shared, “The abscess was pretty bad, and he was kind of weak.”

Spencer later started a GoFundMe campaign in order to help the organization which has been struggling financially. “He said, ‘Maybe I can get you $10,000 or something. And I said, ‘That would be life changing,’” Beal shared.

She further spoke at length about the various financial struggles the shelter has been facing ever since it became a non-profit organization. “We’ve been doing this for four years,” Beal said. “And every week we struggle to make payroll and to give the cats everything that they need.”

She said she’s been spending “half” of her income trying to sustain the shelter. “I kept praying that I’d get some sort of a sign if I should continue,” Beal added. “Because I told myself if I couldn’t make it this year, I was going to end it. I was not going to continue this rescue.”

Youtuber raises money for struggling animal non-profit

A week after Spencer uploaded the video on YouTube, his followers donated over $146,000 to the shelter. The total donation amount now adds up to around $180,000, thanks to additional funds contributed through other sources.

Beal described it as “a miracle” and expressed her gratitude to those who donated to the organization. “I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and that it’s not true,” she shared. Continuing, she added, “This is beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

Spencer of SB Mowing is an internet sensation whose videos garner billions of views. He enjoys a massive following on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.


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