A cat with swim ring wearing sunglasses, like the overweight rescue cat who is trying to shed weight through swimming.
(Photo Credit: Liudmila Chernetska | Getty Images)

Indiana Rescue Cat Takes up Swimming To Shed Extra Weight

A resilient rescue cat from Indiana is making waves as he takes up swimming to achieve his goal weight. The overweight feline, named Ty, was surrendered to the Vanderburgh Humane Society in January. He weighed a staggering 30lbs, which came as a surprise to the shelter staff when he first arrived.

Rescue cat ‘Ty’ swims twice a week for weight control

Rescue cat Ty is affectionately known as “Thicken Nugget” due to his weight, as People reports. Shelter staff member Mackenzee McKittrick recounted that when she first met Ty, “We had quite the surprise.” 

The ideal weight for a male house cat typically ranges from 11 to 15 lbs, varying with breed and sex. However, when Ty first came to the shelter he weighed twice the average. Consequently, the shelter planned an exercise regimen for the orange cat that involved swimming

Subsequently, the shelter gathered funds for the feline’s swimming therapy. Ty attends these sessions twice a week at the Canine Aquatic Center. 

Ty didn’t initially seem enthusiastic about the sessions. Yet, the shelter shared on Facebook on April 3 that Ty is making good progress on his weight-loss journey.

They wrote in the post’s caption, “Remember Ty? He is well on his way to reaching his goal weight, thanks to everyone who donated towards his water therapy at Canine Aquatic Center!” The post featured pictures showing the cat swimming in water and on land.  

Additionally, the Canine Aquatic Center posted videos on Facebook of Ty confidently crossing the pool in his adorable life vest. The center wrote that the cat is now a proficient swimmer and has already lost over 3 lbs. 

As endearing as Ty may be, his excess weight significantly affects his life. Thus, the shelter aims to assist him in shedding about 15 lbs. After that, they will search for a permanent, loving home for him.

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