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5 Dead Cats Found in Florida Home, Woman Faces Charges

On April 17, 27 cats and one dog were seized from a property in Lakeland, Florida. After further investigation, authorities found five dead cats in the same house. Moreover, homeowner Catherine Briley faces more than 30 charges, per NBC6.

28 live animals and 5 dead cats found in Florida home

Florida homeowner Catherine Briley was arrested on Wednesday after authorities found 28 live animals and five dead cats on her property. They found the dead cats under a bed inside a closed room with no food or water. Moreover, her dog had difficulty walking with overgrown toenails that were curling in.

The Polk County deputies first started their investigation upon getting a report about neglected animals and potential hoarding. Detectives noted a strong ammonia odor when they arrived and had to wear respirator masks to enter the Lakeland house. Reportedly, the property had toxic ammonia levels.

Catherine Briley stated she lived in the house with her 16 cats and dog. However, authorities found 27 cats roaming the property, with several having a greenish nasal discharge. Some of the felines were also coughing. Moreover, her dog appeared to be missing some fur due to a skin condition.

The 66-year-old was arrested on the spot and has been charged with 33 counts of animal cruelty. She has also been charged with keeping animals without enough food or water and keeping an unpermitted landfill as her property was packed with debris and junk, per Fox13.

Incidents of animal hoarding often lead to animals being neglected and falling sick. Sheriff Grady Judd noted, “…It is our hope these animals will be rehabilitated and able to be adopted out to loving homes, and that this suspect is no longer allowed to own animals.”

The animals have been safely rescued and are getting treated by Polk County Animal Control. They will be up for adoption once they are healthier.

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