Four kittens on grass, like the 28 cats and kittens resuced from a property in Wisconsin.
(Photo Credit: Juana Mari Moya | Getty Images)

28 Cats Rescued From Wisconsin Property, Man Faces Charges

After a cat rescue mission in Wisconsin, 28 feline companions, including 18 kittens, five mothers, and five juveniles, are in need of forever homes. The Sauk County police rescued these cats. With their rescue, an opportunity arises for individuals to extend a helping hand and provide these furry friends with a warm and loving environment. 

10 cats and 18 kittens rescued during drug bust

On April 5, officers from the Sauk Prairie Police Department executed a search warrant in the 400 Block of Dallas St. in the Village of Sauk City, as per WMTV 15 News.They were also accompanied by the Sauk County Drug Task Force. 

The officers discovered two firearms, illicit substances, and a total of 28 cats at the location. 

Additionally, a 34-year-old man was taken into custody and faces charges. On the other hand, the cats were sent to the Sauk County Humane Society

After arriving at the rescue organization, the cats underwent initial vaccination and FeLV/FIV tests. Subsequently, they were transported to Angel Wish’s Pet Adoption and Resource Center in Verona. 

Moreover, Angel’s Wish announced on Facebook that the juveniles will be prepared for adoption next weekend. Meanwhile, the remaining cats require additional time in foster care before they become adoption-ready, which is expected in June. According to Angel’s Wish, the kittens’ ages vary between two and four weeks old. 

Natalis Baldis, a board member of Angel’s Wish, expressed astonishment at seeing so many felines. She stated she had never witnessed such a large number of cats and kittens rescued from a single residence before. 

In her words, “This was the biggest one that I’ve ever been a part of.” Continuing, she added, “It’s heartening to see that despite their ordeal, they’re in good health and simply require love and care.” 

The shelter has indicated that they require additional resources to support the cats’ care. Furthermore, it has made a specific request for Royal Canin Mom and BabyCat dry and canned food.

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