Black cat with green eyes walks along a rocky shore.
(Photo Credit: Sanja Baljkas | Getty Images)

Disabled Cat Climbs Canyon Wall in Viral TikTok Video

A disabled cat went viral on TikTok after successfully climbing a canyon wall halfway despite balancing issues. The feline left her parents shocked yet proud, with the internet applauding her courage. The video also captures the cat’s wobbly trip down the canyon wall.

Watch disabled cat climb canyon wall in viral TikTok video

On March 30, TikTok user @morleykert shared a video of their cat climbing halfway up a canyon wall. The viral video garnered more than 44.5 million views, 9 million likes, 27,000 comments, and 600,000 bookmarks.

In the video, one can spot the disabled cat, Penny, casually sitting on a rock formation. The TikTok viral video starts with one of her humans displaying shocked expressions, with the camera panning to the feline. They then zoom into the black cat, relaxing on the rock formation, looking unbothered as cats tend to do.

Her owners revealed Penny has cerebellar hypoplasia, which leads to the cat walking a little wobbly and having minor balance issues. Also known as wobbly cat syndrome, the medical condition often causes felines to have coordination issues.

In the clip, Penny went on to climb down the rock formation, taking one wobbly step at a time. She could be seen tripping a few times but safely returned to her parents at the end. Further, the black cat received some treats once she made it down, with her parents enthusiastically praising her.

If one’s cat suffers from the same medical condition, it is crucial to take them to the vet. Unfortunately, there is no cure for feline cerebellar hypoplasia, so your furry companions will need extra love and care.

Making their surroundings safe is also important when your feline friend has wobbly cat syndrome. Also, eating and drinking can be difficult for some, so one may need to hold their body and/or head while they eat.

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