Little kitten, similar to the one who was rescued in Ohio, standing beside a truck wheel.
(Photo Credit: Oleg Elkov | Getty Images)

Kitten Trapped Between Truck’s Wheels Rescued in Ohio

A kitten was rescued from between the wheels of a truck in Portage County, Ohio. While authorities aren’t sure how the kitty got into the predicament, they believe she might have been looking for a hiding place. Fortunately, she was found and safely rescued before the truck was started.

Troopers rescue little kitten found stuck between truck’s wheels in Portage County

On June 19, the Ohio State Highway Patrol posted a video to its X — formerly known as Twitter — account. In the post, they highlighted a rescue mission from last month, during which they saved a little kitten trapped between a truck’s wheels. The driver first noticed the feline and alerted the troopers to help rescue the little one.

The commercial driver discovered the kitty when he was doing his pre-trip inspection. The kitten was stuck between his semi’s tires and refused to leave her hiding place even after the rescuers arrived. The incident happened on May 14, with the video capturing an adorable gray and white feline.

According to People, the authorities had some large vehicles on standby for the rescue mission. They also asked the commercial truck driver if he would let them remove the wheel if lifting the vehicle wasn’t enough. The rescue wasn’t easy as the kitten tried her best to hang on using her nails to the truck tire.

After the troopers had communicated about the best way to save the feline, they finally removed the wheel. Another team member swiftly caught the kitty and placed her in a box. They then used the same to carry her to the Portage Animal Protective League.

The kitten was lucky the truck driver noticed her between his vehicle’s wheels before he drove off. She is now safe in a shelter thanks to the joint efforts of the commercial driver and the Ohio State Highway Patrol officials.

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