Longhair brown tabby cat, similar to the social media-famous feline who was recently banned from Boots in Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK, lying down on hardwood floor.
(Photo Credit: Svetlana Popova | Getty Images)

Social Media-Famous Cat ‘Willow’ Banned From Boots in UK

Willow the cat was recently banned from Boots’ Didcot, Oxfordshire branch. The company cited safety and health concerns as the reason behind the decision. However, the locals believe restricting the feline from the store is going a step too far. The pharmacy chain doesn’t plan to budge, noting that it wanted to offer its customers a clean environment so they could shop without concerns.

Social media star ‘Willow’ the cat banned from Boots’ Didcot branch

A local celebrity cat named Willow was recently banned from a Boots store in the United Kingdom. The feline gained a fan following last year after being spotted in several stores. According to BBC, Willow is two years old and belongs to a local who wished to remain anonymous. The beautiful tabby is a frequent visitor of Starbucks, Boots, and Sainsbury stores around Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Willow has a Facebook group called The Adventures of Willow from Didcot, with about 6,000 followers. The cat’s fans use the public group to keep track of his daily shenanigans, and the recent ban from Boots has been a hot topic in the group. Locals believe the health and beauty retailer took it “too far” with their decision.

People who have met the social media-famous cat have described him as gentle, kind, and lovely. Didcot resident Ian Nelmes also stated that the feline was very polite and waited behind him in queues. Moreover, everyone agrees that the kitty brings joy to the community, and spotting him out and about was the day’s highlight.

A Boots spokesperson told BBC, “As a pharmacy-led retailer, health and safety is our number one priority.” The retailer wanted to ensure patients got to shop in a hygienic environment. However, they admit that their staff members are as fond of Willow as the rest of the community, and they understand the locals who are unhappy with the company’s decision.

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