Product Review: Eukanuba Adult Weight Control Formula for Cats

Pet Product Review: Eukanuba Adult Weight Control Formula for Cats

By now I’ve introduced to you my precious kitty Stinky. Let me tell you how he spends his entire day: Napping, sleeping, cuddling, sleeping, and napping again. Sometimes I think he’s been bitten by a tsetse fly and I’ve been know to call him lazy bones.

Well, napping is great, but its a disaster on a waistline, especially one that’s only 14 inches. So, I’ve consulted with my Vet and asked for his recommendation for a weight maintainence dry cat food formula. He recommended the Eukanuba Adult Weight Control Formula.

At first, I thought, Stinky will never eat this. Stinky likes the supermarket brands that come in cute shapes, colors and have snappy names on the boxes. To my surprise, he liked the Eukanuba. He ate his kibble at the same rate as he normally does. Of course, he didn’t gobble it down like with wet food, but he certainly did not go hungry, and he did not rebel as cats often do when they’re upset.

I like how the Eukanuba is very high in protein and omega-3 oils. I even read on their bag that there is Taurine, which I know for a fact is in my daily Red Bull. Maybe it will give him a little spark?

All in all, I think if you’ve got nap-lovin’ kitty like Stinky, incorporating a weight control formula into his diet can’t hurt; and Eukanuba passed this feline test.

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