Cats VS Printers: 10 Cats Attacking Printers

If you have a cat, it seems that anything remotely important suddenly becomes a toy. Whether it’s your couch, your curtains, or items on your desk, your cat will somehow make it their own. For example, a printer may appear to us humans as a practical item that helps print important documents, but to your cat it’s just another play toy, that I might add is an expensive one. These ten hilarious cats however don’t seem to care about the price because all they are interested in is attacking the printer anyway they can.

1. Cat Battles Fax

While attempting to send a fax, Ziggy decides to take over. He is so determined and curious that he practically sticks his whole head inside the fax machine. He ends up causing a paper jam, but that doesn’t matter to him. Just when you think it’s over, he continues his destruction by getting on top of the scanner, messing up all the paper, and continuing to paw at the machine. It looks like Ziggy may have won this battle.

2. Quick Attack Cat

This cat might have some of the fastest reflexes ever. Watch carefully because at first this cat seems pretty calm and composed, patiently watching as the paper is printed. But the minute the printer finishes, this cat attacks so quick you might have already blinked. He is so determined that he ends up falling to the floor in classic cat-like style, but that doesn’t matter to him because in the end he still got his paper.

3. Bad Office Assistant

Never consider hiring this cat to be your office assistant because he is the opposite of helpful. This kitty completely messes up the neat pile of papers, attacking the papers as they come out of the printer and creating a pile of out of order papers. Then, he steps away from the mess as if he had nothing to do with it! This cat definitely is missing some office manners.

4. Cat Printer Technician

Instead of attacking the paper as it comes out of the printer, this cat takes it even further. He acts like a printer technician, inspecting every aspect of the printer. He opens it, puts his paws inside, and he even opens up the top of the printer with his head! Maybe they shouldn’t let this particular technician near any expensive electronics because I foresee a broken printer in the future.

5. Punching Bag

This cat has turned the printer into his own personal punching bag. At first he seems a bit scared, staring down the printer like it’s his mortal enemy. But wait just a couple of seconds because suddenly this cat is on the attack! He starts smacking the printer not once, not twice, but over and over. In order to capture this hilarious video the owners will probably need to get a new printer, but it was totally worth it.

6. Cat Eats Homework

The classic excuse for not having your homework is always “My dog ate my homework.” Well, in this case it should actually be “My cat ate my homework!” This owner prints her homework only to have her cat waiting in front of the printer for his latest paper victim to appear. Not only does he paw at the papers as they print, but he bites and scratches at them, tearing the papers into shreds. At least now they’ll have video evidence for their homework excuse.

7. Cats vs. Printers Compilation

This compilation features the best of cats ruining, destroying, attacking, and pawing at printers. It seems that even though all these cats ruin every piece of paper as it prints, their owners can’t help but film it because, let’s face it, it’s hilarious. If it moves and makes a funny sound, expect your cat to cause trouble. Printers and cats are a combination not to be messed with.

8. Printer Attacks Cat

The roles are reversed in this video, as this time the printer gets the last word. This cat is too distracted by the paper on top of the printer to realize that another paper is printing out the bottom, giving the cat a little fright as the paper hits her paws. Make sure you watch until the very end because when the paper hits her paws it is possibly one of the cutest jumps you will ever witness.

9. Fight Fail

This cat puts up an epic fight against the printer, but in the end this cat is yet another victim of the “fail” video. He paws at the printer over and over to no avail. In the end, he only makes a fool of himself, falling off the desk in typical cat fashion. This video also has a camera on the printer, giving you a cool close up view of this cat’s attack and fail.

10. Cat Scares Himself

Instead of getting scared by the printer, this cat, like many cats, ends up scaring himself. He is occupied by the photocopier, pawing at the paper as it prints out. You would think he is fierce and brave for going after the printer, but really all it takes is some paper to scare him. He attacks some of the already printed paper by accident, sending the paper, and him, flying off the printer!

Do your cats ever attack your printer? Let us know and leave a comment below!