Product Review: Whiskas Catmilk

Pet Product Review – Whiskas Cat Milk

Everyone loves to give their little kitties a special treat every so often, and what is the first thing to come to mind? A bowl of milk. There is something romanticly nostalgic about giving your kittie milk. But, did you know that cats can not digest the milk that we humans drink. The people at Whiskas know this and created a special milk formula that is designed specifically for the cats taste buds and digestive system.

When I saw the Whiskas Cat Milk in my local A&P supermarket, I thought “I’ve got to get this for Stinky”. I figured he’d love it, even though I did think it was a bit frivolous. So despite the $2.99 price for 3 6.7 fl oz boxes, complete with drinking straws. Yes, it is a steep price, but, keep in mind, Whiskas Cat Milk is a treat and should be used in small amounts at special occassions. Needless to say, Whiskas Cat Milk is chock full of vitamins, minerals and is lactose free. It is a very healthy drink for your feline friends.

Now as for the taste test; my entire family tested this product.

Stinky, my 5 year old cat, took one sniff and walked away. Obviously, he is not a fan.

Champ my Sheltie, yes a dog, reluctantly drank the remainder of the first box and seemed a bit underwhelmed.

The remaining boxes I gave to my sister. Her cat Luna took one lap and walked away.

Her Labradoodle Bailey, not the smartest dog, loved Whiskas Cat Milk and begged and whined for more.

My 2 year old neice Anne, thinking Whiskas Cat Milk was a juice box, took one sip and handed the box to my sister and said “Mommy, yucky”. May sound funny, but its important that this product does resemble a child’s milk box.

All in all, I would say, if you know your cat loves milk, try it. But our family, with exception of Bailey, was not that impressed.

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