Catit Design Senses – sense stimulating activities for cats

Pet Product Review: Catit Design Senses – sense stimulating acitivities for cats

Thank you to the team at Hagen Industries for sending the panel their Catit Design Senses Play Circuit and Massager for review!

I love to watch my cats play! They concentrate so intently and throw their entire bodies into the activity so, when I came across the Catit Design Senses toys, I couldn’t wait to have the cats review them! The goal of the Design Senses collection is, “to enrich a cat’s life by stimulating all of his senses.”

The Massage Center stimulates the cat’s sense of touch by providing multiple textures to rub against, knead, and nibble while his taste and smell senses are heightened by the catnip you place around the gum stimulator. Buddha and Indy weren’t quite sure what to do with the massager at first so I sprinkled it with catnip and sure enough, they began to lovingly rub up against the textured surfaces and nibble at the gum stimulator. It’s like a kitty version of massage therapy; their very own “kitty spa!”
Having owned something similar to the Play Circuit in the past, I knew the cats would love it but, what I really like about the Play Circuit’s design is the fact that you can snap it together in a variety of shapes so, if the toy ever loses its initial appeal, I can just snap it back together in a completely different way restoring its “brand new toy” allure!
You can purchase all 3 pieces online at Massager $17.08; Play Circuit $15.06 and; Scratch Pad $13.97. All 3 pieces fit together nicely to form a “Sensory Activity Center” for kitty.
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