Product Review: Wellness CORE Canned Cat Food

Pet Product Review: Wellness CORE Canned Cat Food – Chicken

I’ve written several times about a really wonderful brand of pet food called Wellness. I love this company and have fed their food to my pets for many years; their company’s philosophy is “you are what you eat!”; how basic can that be? well to Wellness it means that pet nutrition is never compromised. I was delighted when they reached out to me with a new product of canned food for both Cats and Dogs called CORE. I was delighted to try CORE for my cat Stinky since its been a while since he’s been introduced to a new brand.

Wellness CORE cat food

What’s great about CORE is that its designed to accompany your pet that eats mostly dry food. CORE compliments the food, and thats what I’ve been doing with Stinky since he was a kitten. For cats there are CORE Canned Chicken, Turkey and Chicken Liver for poultry lovers and Salmon, Whitefish and Herring for those partial to fish. Each is grain-free, nutrient-packed, and contains high-quality protein. I was surprised to find out that Wellness goes as far as only using seafood that has never been fed grain either. So you know, the entire food cycle of the ingredients has been taken into consideration by Wellness.

As for taste, Stinky gives it a paws up. As for Nutrition, I’ll leave that part up to Wellness. Here is what they say:

CORE Canned Cat Recipes follow the foundation of the bestselling Wellness CORE Dry Catdiet, providing a complete and balanced offering that is 100% grain-free with five quality protein sources: 75-80% meat satisfies the feline palate and supports lean muscle mass. CORE Canned Cat Recipes include fresh cranberries to support urinary tract health, along with carefully controlled magnesium levels, and moderate fat and calorie levels that cater to the metabolic needs of today’s feline life style. The Fish and Flax Omega Blend provides a rich supply of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support optimal skin and coat health, and supplies a tasty way to increase water intake.”

Wellness products can be found a most high end specialty pet food stores. To be sure, visit for more information.

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