(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Hope For Paws Rescues Feral Cat Stranded In Tall Tree For 3 Days

fire truck arrives to help hope for paws
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

A feral cat had been stranded in a tree for three days. Not just any tree, but a really tall pine tree. The cat was so high up, I’m not even sure how anyone spotted him. Thankfully someone did see him up there and called animal rescuers Hope For Paws.

They arrived on the scene and made some rescue attempts, but the commotion only caused the kitty to climb even higher. The rescuers were going to need to some assistance.

Loreta and Selena from the Hope For Paws team reached out to a nearby Fire Department.  It was a slow day, and the firefighters were more than happy to help a furry feline in need. They checked out the situation and felt that they’d need a really tall ladder to help get this cat down.

a big ladder
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Thankfully, they had one on hand.

A Cool Cat In A High Place

cat in a tree
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

After three days in a tree, this cat actually looks pretty calm and collected.

Some people volunteered to help out.

volunteers wait to catch the cat
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Ground support was ready with blankets. If the kitty slipped, they would catch him.

A firefighter was able to get a gentle snare on the cat.

cat in a tree
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

But then the cat got spooked and lost his footing.

A Fall And A Catch

He wound up tumbling through the branches, but the rescuers were ready with open arms to grab him!

an unhappy cat
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

The poor kitty had no idea the humans were there to help. However, they managed to get him to safety.

kitty in a cat carrier
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

He looks pretty tired here, and relieved at the same time. This story has a happy ending.

A New Name And A New Colony

firefighters and rescuers
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

The team named the cat Marshal. Can you guess where Marshal is living?

marshal is safe
(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Thanks to L.A. Animal Rescue he is now residing in a feral cat colony.

Watch the full video below!

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