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Since 2008, CatTime has provided millions of cat owners with all the information they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. Our experts know exactly what it takes to raise our furry friends and our goal is to help all owners, new or experienced, care for their cats with all the right food, toys, equipment, and accessories.

The Best Calming Treats For Cats

Calming cat treats can ease anxiety and aggression to allow even the feistiest felines to relax, making them an excellent tool for introducing new pets and helping your kitties adjust to any changes. You can also use them for vet visits and other high-stress situations. And since there are so many to choose from, there's sure to be one that fits your needs. The real trick is figuring out which ones your fuzzy friend will like best.

The Best Litter For Healthy Cats

Your kitty is part of your family, and keeping them healthy is a priority. While clay is the most commonly used cat litter, it's not the best choice for all felines. Whether your cat is sensitive to dust or you prefer using environmentally friendly products, natural cat litter is an excellent option. Natural litter offers many of the same advantages as clay litter, including clumping and odor control, without artificial chemicals and fragrances that may harm your cat. With that in mind, we've rounded up some of the best natural cat litter on the market.

The Best Cat Supplements

Our cats deserve the best, but sometimes, a traditional kibble diet isn't enough. Thankfully, a variety of cat supplements are available to meet the health needs of all cats. These drops, powders, and treat-form products help with everything from skin issues to stomach health. And we've found and reviewed the best options on the market, so keep scrolling to get your search started.

The Best Odor Eliminator For Strong Smells

We love our pets deeply, but not many of us can say the same about the smells that come with them. That's why it's important to have odor eliminators for strong odors in our homes at all times. These sprays and air fresheners can cover up and remove unwanted scents altogether. They're typically safe in most circumstances, including near litter boxes, on furniture, on carpets, and more. And you can discover the very best products by simply scrolling through the following post.

The Best Mushroom Cat Trees

If you are looking for the perfect cat tree to entertain and enthrall your favorite feline friend, then look no further than the best mushroom cat trees. These unique and stylish pieces of pet furniture provide a safe and comfortable place for cats to sleep, scratch, climb, play, and lounge in. From tall scratching posts to cozy caves covered in plush fabric, these mushroom-shaped structures offer endless hours of fun and exploration.

The Best Cat Teepees

We all know that cats are the world's most chic creatures, so why not give your feline friend a place to lounge in style? That's where cat tepees come in. These fashion-forward pieces of furniture will make your kitty feel like a true king or queen while providing them with a comfy resting spot. Plus, we found that they complement most decor. So let your cat show off their sense of style with one of these purr-fect tepees. We've got quite the selection — take a gander.

The Best Enrichment Toys For Cats

Cats need to stay active and engaged, which is why the right enrichment toys are so important. If your cat has a boredom-busting arsenal of playtime supplies, they'll enjoy hours of entertainment for their mind and body. In this article, we'll review some of the most engaging cat toys available today. From interactive tracks to automated toys, you're sure to find something special here that your feline friend will love.

The Best Cat Themed Rugs

Welcome to the purr-fect collection of cat themed rugs. Here you'll find the cutest and coziest way to show your love for all things cats. Of course, you can't purchase a rug just for looks. Our picks are the perfect marriage of style and practicality. We think you'll like our finds, so please take a gander.