The Best Probiotics For Cats

By Jonathan Porter Feb 24, 2023

Probiotics are a great way to help keep your cat healthy and happy. They are packed with beneficial bacteria that can aid in digestion, boost the immune system, and reduce allergies. The best probiotics for cats are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of cats, providing them with the right balance of beneficial bacteria to keep them in optimal health. With the right probiotic, your cat can enjoy a longer and healthier life.

Gut health is often a hot topic among us humans, but what about cats? PetHonesty’s probiotics answer this question with a resounding list of essential probiotic strains specifically for cats. The powder form is perfect for pouring over their food, and it’s available in a variety of appealing flavors, like chicken or tuna. There’s even some catnip mixed in for good measure. Moreover, this vet-recommended probiotic is made with clean GMO-free ingredients.


  • May help ease IBD symptoms
  • Picky cats seem to like the flavor
  • Contains 12 probiotic strains
  • Firms loose stools
  • Reduces vomiting


  • The included scoop is tiny

Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Cats

If your cat struggles with diarrhea, this probiotic is worth a look. For one, this probiotic boasts 20 unique strains, which is important for a healthy gut. This is especially helpful for cats recovering from surgery or if they’re taking antibiotics or steroids. And while we love probiotics that feature enticing flavors, we also know how picky cats can be. Pet Ultimates opts for a flavorless approach so that the quick-absorbing powder blends in unnoticed with their food. Now, that’s clever.


  • Comes from a GMP-certified facility
  • Most cats won’t notice it on their food
  • May help treat bad breath
  • Improves regularity
  • Helps ease IBS


  • Extra-sensitive cats may notice a slight change of flavor in their food

Get Naked Digestive Health Soft Treats

Not all cats are going to love powdered probiotics sprinkled over their food. If you’re home to a picky kitty, Get Naked’s soft treats are a great option. This chicken-flavored snack appeals to most felines and features all the digestive benefits you’d expect from a probiotic. There’s also a decent amount of flaxseed, an excellent prebiotic. And if your cat struggles with furballs, there’s a good chance that these treats will help reduce their daily hacking.


  • Appealing taste
  • Decreases vomiting
  • Treats constipation
  • Suitable for sensitive stomachs


  • May not help cats with severe digestive issues

“I and love and you” Naked Essentials Dry Cat Food

If you’re like us, keeping track of daily supplements can be a pain. That’s where this tasty cat food comes in. All you have to do is pour it into your kitty’s bowl, and you’re done. It’s grain-free, high in protein, and packed with prebiotics and probiotics. Additionally, this kibble comes with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which promotes skin health, joint health, the nervous system, and more.


  • No fillers
  • No strong smells
  • Safe for senior cats
  • Helps treat oily skin
  • Taste suits most picky eaters
  • Ideal for sensitive tummies


  • Kibble may be too small for some cats

Four Paws Healthy Promise Pre and Probiotics for Cats

We’re willing to be that these yummy soft chews are gonna be your cat’s next favorite treat. They come in a savory chicken flavor and feature three key probiotic strains along with brewer’s yeast, a potent prebiotic. It also contains healthy omega fats (salmon oil) and antioxidants for additional benefits. And considering the quality, we think it’s priced right too.


  • Helps with hairballs
  • Cats tend to like the chicken flavor
  • Keeps overall digestive health in track
  • May help treat dandruff and greasy skin


  • Could use more probiotic strains

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a prebiotic?

A prebiotic is a type of dietary fiber that acts as food for the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your digestive system. Prebiotics are naturally found in plants and can help stimulate the growth of healthy gut flora, which has been linked to improved digestion, better immunity, and overall health.

Why should my cat take a probiotic?

Probiotics can help cats maintain a healthy digestive system and regulate their immune systems. They may also help reduce the risk of allergies, prevent certain types of infections, and improve nutrient absorption. This can lead to a healthier coat, better skin health, and more energy in your cat. Additionally, probiotics could help reduce stress levels in cats that have recently moved homes or been through stressful events such as an illness or going to the vet.

Why should cats take prebiotics?

Prebiotics are beneficial for cats because they help support their digestive health. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in the gut, which helps promote healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients. They also help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the intestines, reducing harmful bacteria that can cause digestive upset or other issues. In addition to keeping your cat’s digestion running smoothly, prebiotics also provides essential vitamins and minerals that can aid overall wellness and well-being.

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    • The kibble comes in large pellets, making it easier for cats to eat without having it spill from their mouths.
    • Its genuine meat ingredients are great for your kitty’s coat and are known to decrease shedding.


    • This kibble is on the crunchy side, making it hard for older or disabled cats to eat without help.


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    • The high protein content makes this great for beefing up rescue cats or strays who have been malnourished.
    • Its natural ingredients help reduce the smell of your cat’s litter.
    • The pellets are large enough to be easy to grasp in the jaw but not crunchy enough to be challenging to chew.


    • The high protein can be bad for your cat’s organs if it’s all they’re eating, so make sure they also get plenty of water.



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