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Arm & Hammer™ Surprises Cat Parents With Litter Box Makeovers & New AbsorbX™ Litter

We cat lovers know that one of the worst things about cat parenting is dealing with the smelly, old litter box. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that Arm & Hammer™ wanted to hook up our CatTime kitties with their new AbsorbX™ litter!

But Arm & Hammer™ didn’t stop there. They offered to give our entire litter box areas complete makeovers!

Check out how Arm & Hammer™ took our cats’ litter boxes from boring and smelly to awesome and fresh with  AbsorbX™ litter!

Mimosa Gets A Catnip Wine Bar

CatTime writer Phillip wanted to include his kitty, Mimosa, in his new kitchen wine bar area. While cats can’t drink human wine, they can certainly enjoy catnip wine toys and kitty wine!

Arm & Hammer™ sent Phillip and Mimosa a major litter box upgrade that welcomes kitties to wine night! Watch the video above and pull up a chair to sip mimosas with Mimosa!

Pookie Blasts Off

Maggie, one of our amazing CatTime writers, wanted to give her kitty, Pookie, an adventure without leaving home. Thanks to Arm & Hammer™, Pookie gets to blast off every time she uses the litter box.

They sent Maggie a space-aged litter box complete with star and comet cat toys, glow stickers for nighttime potty breaks, and of course, new AbsorbX™ litter. In this space, there are no odours!

Fry, Leela, And Tiny Join The Family Room

CatTime contributors Chandler and D’yani have a big fur family who, as you may have guessed, hang out in the family room. But the litter box area didn’t quite fit the loving vibe of their hangout space.

Luckily, Arm & Hammer™ sent their kitties a litter box makeover that brought the cat box into the room with an elegant, hideaway box that looks just any other “fur”-niture in the room! And with AbsorbX™ litter, they don’t have to worry about odours ruining their fun family nights!

Our thanks to Arm & Hammer™ for these amazing cat box makeovers. You can buy the new AbsorbX™ litter here to upgrade your own litter box space!

Do you need a litter box makeover? How would you upgrade your cat’s litter box area to be more fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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