When grungy and hungry mean lost, not forgotten

That scraggy, skinny dog or cat who wanders around your neighborhood may not be a stray, but a household pet who may have run away from home and become lost.

by Nina Stively
August 16th, 2013

Lion befriends Dachshund pups

At Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Okla., about 70 miles south of Oklahoma City, one very big kitty spends his days playing and snuggling with some unusual friends.Bonedigger might be a 500-pound majestic lion with an intimidating name, but this formidable feline is really just a softie at heart when it comes to […]

by DogTime Staff
May 29th, 2013

Five Cat and Dog Videos for Friday, June 22, 2012

Today’s videos feature a dog “throwing” a treat to a Dalmatian; a dog trying to get a tennis ball from a wading pool, a tribute to a former Michael Vick fighting dog, a small dog racing a Greyhound, and a tenacious cat wrestling a Dachshund. Here are five Videos for Friday.Click on any of the […]

by CatTime
June 22nd, 2012

CatTime video of the week: Cat and Dachshund

Video: Peanut, an 8-year-old cat, loves to play rough with her very good friend, a Dachshund named Sandy, while Queen's "Somebody to Love" sets the proper mood.

by DogTime Staff
April 27th, 2012
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