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  • Leslie Smith: You’re no Conan

    Leslie Smith: You’re no Conan

    I have no idea how Conan O’Brien measures up when it comes to issues of animal welfare (my usual gauge as to whether or not I like a celebrity). But I’ve found myself, at watershed moments in my life, paying particular attention to this comic’s insights. Yesterday in fact, for the second time in just […]

  • HSUS’s Pets for Life

    HSUS’s Pets for Life

    With upwards of 15% of the population living in poverty, over the last few years shelters nation wide have seen a huge influx of owner-surrendered dogs and cats. For the most part, these animals are not unwanted. It’s simply that the cost of keeping them happy, healthy, and well fed is more than many families […]

  • BADRAP Rescue Jam

    BADRAP Rescue Jam

    BADRAP: You probably know them as the group who helped evaluate, socialize, train, and place the band of Pit Bulls confiscated from the Michael Vick compound in 2007. The organization, however, has been promoting humane education and advocacy since long before then. In fact, in the 14 years since its inception, BADRAP has been credited […]