Cat Survives Fall From Building During Weird Rescue Attempt [VIDEO]

A cat managed to land safely after falling from an apartment building in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during a rather strange and haphazard rescue attempt. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found the daredevil feline stranded on an air conditioning unit on the sixth floor. The cat could have easily been pulled to safety from the nearest room, but there was one problem. No one was home to let the firefighters in.

Foiled by a door, the would-be rescuers devised a new plan. They decided to repel down from the floor above to scoop up the scaredy cat. The only problem with that strategy was that a large man descending a building on a rope reaching out with a gloved hand is pretty terrifying for a kitty.

So the cat did an imitation of Spider-Man and climbed the side of the building to try to get away. It fell to the air conditioning unit a floor below, but when the firefighter made a second attempt to grab the cat, the panicked feline fell. Luckily, two firefighters below had a blanket stretched out to catch the critter, and it survived the fall with no broken bones or injuries. The cat is expected to be reunited with its owner soon. Hopefully this kitty has learned that it is better suited to the indoor cat life.

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