A Maine Coon cat with amazing yellow eyes looking out of the rear window of a passenger green car.
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Humane Society Rescues 47 Cats From Dangerously Hot SUV

When a locked SUV filled with 47 cats was discovered heating up in the blazing Minnesota sun, the local Animal Humane Society (AHS) had to be called to rescue the kitties.

With temperatures hitting the ’90s, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office and Minnesota State Patrol noticed the trapped felines and put in a call to AHS for assistance.

The owner of the car, which was at a rest stop, was also living inside the vehicle, having recently become homeless. The owner, who had previously surrendered 14 cats over to AHS, handed the rest of the cats over to the rescuers.

The Cats Are Now Getting Ready For Adoption

The owner of the car did not want to leave the cats behind when they became homeless. Unfortunately, this left them in a dangerous situation.

The felines inside the vehicle ranged from being just one year old to up to twelve years old. AHS examined the cats and found that most of them thankfully suffered from only minor issues despite the severe heat and cramped conditions of the car.

AHS is now readying the cats for adoption.

If you’d like to help, you can make a donation to AHS to help care for the cats here. You can also keep an eye on their adoption page to see when these kitties become available.

What To Do If You See A Pet In A Hot Car

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Unfortunately, the summer and hot weather season seems to bring about a number of cases of pet parents irresponsibly leaving their pets inside cars that are too hot to be safe.

If you see such a situation, here are some of the steps you can consider taking:

  • Call the relevant local authorities first, before considering breaking into any car. Precise laws vary from state to state.
  • Try and contact the owner of the car. Maybe they are in a nearby business or a parking lot attendant has their details.
  • Check to see if any doors or windows are open and unlocked. If they are, get the pet to safety.
  • Secure fresh water for the pet in the event that they need to be rescued from the car.

Have you ever reported or rescued any pets left inside a vehicle that’s too hot? Will you help get the word out about these cats who will need to go to forever homes soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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