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County Coroner’s Cat Named Morticia Causes Controversy With Council

The Lexington County Coroner’s office in South Carolina keeps a cat in their office to comfort those who come in, but now they are fighting the local county council to keep their beloved cat. Seems the council got word that coroner Margaret Fisher keeps her cat named Morticia around the office as an unofficial therapy cat.

“It’s been good for everyone, including us,” Fisher told the paper. “She changes the outlook of people.”

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The local county council sees it different and is concerned about allergic reactions, scratches, and other risks. They also claim that pets aren’t allowed in government buildings and fear liability issues. 

Now in a truly bizarre turn of events, the county administrator hired janitors to secretly let themselves into the coroner’s office and take pics of Morticia without permission and Margaret is understandably upset. The coroners office is full of sensitive materials and evidence, and these janitor/spies had no business in there snooping around.


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Council chairman Johnny Jeffcoat is quoted as saying, “I’ve asked her to find a nice home for the cat. Our liability for that is huge.”

This is plain silly. Animals and pets in the workplace increase productivity and elevate moods, not to mention the comfort Morticia offers to those who have lost a loved one.

You can reach Mr. Jeffcoat via email: [email protected] or at work (803)509-3089 and let him know how you feel about the therapeutic effects of cats in an environment like this. Let them know what a beautiful thing Margret and Morticia are doing. Maybe he’s just not educated on the benefits of an animal in an environment like that. Sometimes a positive show of support can help a situation like this.

You can find contacts for other council members HERE!

You can follow the Coroner’s Office on Facebook too!

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