Adopted Cat Protecting Her Family’s New Baby Since He Was In The Womb [PICTURES]

A 2 year old cat named Panda was adopted by Liel Ainmar Assayag. When Liel got pregnant, Panda stood guard at belly side making sure no harm came to Panda’s soon to be baby brother. Liel shared the images on her facebook wall and they’ve gone viral.

In one image Liel wrote, “I already know who is going to be my little peanut’s best friend!”

When Liel got pregnant Panda started following her around the house and pressing her head against her belly and purring. Now that the baby is born she jumps up into bed with him and smells him and sits next to him, watching over. This kitty has loved him since before he was born.

Here are some highlights from Liel’s Facebook page.

What a beautiful family!

Wag of the tail to Bored Panda for sharing!

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