Ricky Gervais Speaks Out To Make Cat Declawing Illegal In New York

We’ve spoken out against declawing cats many times. It’s a terrible process that removes part of a cat’s toes, reduces their natural defenses, and can lead to a lifetime of health problems. And it’s all for the sake of saving a few pieces of furniture. There are plenty of ways of safely filing down cat claws, trimming them, or even capping them, instead of removing them. Now comedian and actor Ricky Gervais is speaking out against cat declawing in the state of New York.

Gervais is known for being an animal advocate, and he’s partnered up with Paw Project, a group that is trying to encourage legislation that would ban the practice of declawing cats in the state of New York. They helped introduce a bill with the support of a few state congress members, and it’s slowly working its way into becoming a law. But hopefully with the support of Ricky Gervais and New York citizens, the bill will pass.

Gervais has a cat of his own named Ollie, and he couldn’t imagine going through the barbaric practice of declawing his cat just to reduce damage to a sofa or piece of furniture. In Gervais’s homeland of England, declawing is already illegal. He’s hoping that New York, which he considers to be one of the most progressive states, will follow that example.

What do you think? Should cat declawing be banned in New York? What about the rest of the country? Let us know in the comments below!

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