Kitten’s Long, Fluffy, Luxurious Tail Breaks The World Record

(Picture Credit: Imgur user greenboy84)

Your kitty may have a lovely tail, but it probably can’t compare to the tail of a Maine Coon kitten named Cygnus. According to his human, the tail measures about 18.4 inches, breaking the world record by about 2 inches. Though the measurement isn’t yet officially documented by Guinness World Records, the pictures speak for themselves.

(Picture Credit: Imgur user greenboy84)

The current record is held by Stewie, another Maine Coon who also holds the record for World’s Longest Cat. His tail is 16.34 inches long. Cygnus’s incredible tail shatters that record if the measurements are accurate.

(Picture Credit: Imgur user greenboy84)

Cygnus hasn’t let his enormous anatomy make him cocky. He’s happy to share the fluff while cuddling with his two cat brothers, Arcturus and Sirius. You can follow the cat sibling on Instagram if you just can’t get enough of that luxurious tail. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing it in the record books soon!

Reddit seemed to love Cygnus’s insanely long tail, and so I updated this album with more pics!

Does your cat have a long, lovable tail? Do you think your kitty could break the record? Let us know in the comments below!

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