10 Cats Enjoying The Fall Season [PICTURES]

Have you taken time to notice all of the beautiful colors that make fall such a gorgeous season? I’m pretty sure that your cat has. If your cat is an indoor cat, they’ve probably sat at that window and looked at the trees. If your cat is more of an outdoor stroller, they’ve likely sauntered through your yard and neighborhood and noted all the pretty colors. Probably even climbed a tree or two.

These cats are gonna show you how it’s done! This is how they are enjoying this beautiful season.

Is it cold or hot where you are this season? Does your cat go outside?

Things To Do This Fall With Your Cat

1. Give your cat some pumpkin. If you get it in the can, make sure it says 100% pumpkin.

2. Take your cat on a walk. They have pet strollers, I use one myself for my senior cat. They also make great leashes for kitties, though I have yet to use one myself.

3. Find that square of sunlight coming in your window and lay down and take a nap right there in that warm spot with your cat. (Your cat may even respect you more after this.)

Do you have a leash or stroller for your kitty? Do you take your cat for walks? If you have a picture of your cat enjoying the fall season, please share your picture in the comments below and tell us what your favorite autumn activity is. Nothing warms us up as much as pictures of kitties!

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