Why You Should Start Feeding Your Cat Pumpkin For Fall

Fall is here — which means we’re all about to get into peak pumpkin mode. But beyond the world of pumpkin spice lattes and carving up pumpkins for halloween, the iconic orange vegetable can also be used to add a health kick to your cat’s diet.

Here’s why you should integrate some seasonal pumpkin into your feline’s feeding regime.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Feeding Your Cat Pumpkin?

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First up, pumpkin is a great source of fiber for your feline. In fact, if you’ve ever had a cat struggling with a little bit of constipation, your vet has probably recommended that you try feeding her some pumpkin to get things moving again.

Additionally, pumpkin can add an element of bulk to your cat’s diet. This makes it a great way to supplement your feline’s feedings if they’re trying to lose a little weight.

What Sort Of Pumpkin Can Cats Eat?

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The easiest way to serve your cat pumpkin is out of a can. But be warned: Read the label carefully because you need to make sure you’re serving her 100% plain pumpkin and not a can of puree that has been spiked with sweeteners or spices. Those cans are for baking up sweet pumpkin dishes, not to feed to your cat.

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Technically, you could also cook and then puree fresh pumpkin for your cat — but this is gonna seem like more time and effort than you bargained for. (If you do go this route, never feed your cat the skin or stem of a pumpkin.)

A convenient way to feed your cat pumpkin is to look out for pet food brands that sell smaller sachets of pure pumpkin for your cat (or dog).

How Much Pumpkin Should I Feed My Cat?

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As a ballpark figure, feeding your kitty around a teaspoon or so of pumkin every day is fine. You could also dish it up as a snack or even mix it into her wet food if she’s into that.