Clever Abyssinian Cat uses a toilet bowl
(Picture Credit: Seregraff/Getty Images)

Cat Who Potty Trained Himself With A Human Goes Viral

A photograph of a cat who appears to have trained himself to use a human toilet is going viral following a post on the popular Reddit platform.

The caption to the pic, which was posted by a user under the name of tunalemon, reads: “Finding out that my cat potty trained himself.”

The photo has received over 20,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

How Did The Cat Learn To Use The Toilet?

The comments posted in response to the photo of the white-and-black feline perched over a toilet bowl express a mix of amazement and cynicism, with some users suggesting the original poster had staged the whole scenario.

Addressing the criticism, the user tunalemon responded:

“He’s actually an outside cat. I’m 100 percent convinced he learned from watching me since he loves occupying me while I use the bathroom. For the record, I have absolutely no extra time to toilet train a cat.”

Should You Try To Train Your Own Cat To Use The Toilet?

(Picture Credit: Seregraff/Getty Images)

Has the viral photo of a cat taking it upon themselves to use a toilet got you wondering whether you could possibly train your own cat to use the toilet?

Well, it seems that, in general, it might not be the best idea. Here are a few reasons why your cat might want to stick to a traditional litter box for their pooping sessions:

  • Digging and covering their own poop is actually part of a cat’s communication system. Obviously they won’t be able to do that if they poop into the toilet.
  • Some cats enjoy playing in toilets, which might lead to them slipping down into the bowl.
  • The bathroom environment might seem too small to your cat and could potentially stress them out.

What do you think about the idea of cats using human toilets? Have you ever attempted to train your cat to use the toilet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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