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Two Senior Cats Rehomed in Incredible Full-Circle Adoption Story

For many pet parents, surrendering a fur baby is unimaginable. But sometimes, it is the right thing to do. The Pongo Fund, an Oregon nonprofit, shared one heart-wrenching story of two senior cats that proves adoption can benefit everyone.

Why the Cats Needed a New Home

According to The Pongo Fund’s Facebook page, a woman came to them asking to rehome her two senior cats – Penny and Lucy – as soon as possible.

“She said she needed to travel and do some things she hadn’t been able to do for the past ten years, not being able to travel and take care of her cats at the same time. Hard as it was, it was time to let them go,” the nonprofit wrote, according to Upworthy.

The woman hadn’t planned any exotic escapades but wanted to visit home and see family and old friends.

“Giving up her cats wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was cancer. And one year, maybe two; that’s what her oncologist told her. If there were things she wanted to do, this was the time,” the post said.

The cats had come to the nonprofit for adoption about 10 years prior when another woman had had to give them up. Now, the woman who had adopted them then needed to find them a new family. She asked to meet the adopters first so she could tell them all about the cats, their needs, preferences, and personalities, and feel confident they’d be well-loved.

Penny and Lucy’s New Mom

Rehoming animals is rarely easy, but it’s particularly difficult with senior pets.

Fortunately, the organization knew someone who’d be the perfect fit.

They reached out to the woman who had surrendered the cats a decade prior when circumstances forced her to do so. She had “bounced back,” the nonprofit wrote, and started a new life, all the while staying in touch with the organization on Facebook.

“We called her and told her we had a cat in need of a home. Two of them. A bonded pair. We shared a bit more information. She didn’t have a clue. All at once, she stopped talking and started sobbing. That’s when she knew,” the nonprofit wrote. “Sometimes life is like a rubber band. What goes around, comes around. For this woman who loved her cats so much that she let them go ten years ago. And now, she was there to welcome them home.”

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