Adorable cat is the new king of Jenga

Cats can do some pretty amazing things — they can squeeze into small spaces, make any cardboard box into a fort, even play the “find the ball under the cups” game with ease. They can even be heroes, as the world learned earlier this month.

But Moe, a fabulous 8-year-old feline from Austin, Texas, has a skill that would make him a hit at your next family game night — Moe is freakishly good at Jenga.

Jenga, everyone’s favorite game involving wooden blocks arranged in a precariously-balanced tower, is often difficult even for the most dexterous human. Pull out the wrong block and the whole tower comes crashing down.

But even though Moe lacks opposable thumbs, Jenga is a breeze. This kitty’s got skills.

Moe’s owners, Alan Palesko and Amy Nicks, made Moe an online viral hit when they caught Moe’s Jenga talents on video. So far, almost 5 million people have viewed Moe’s epic Jenga match.

For almost a minute-and-a-half in the YouTube clip, Moe and Palesko go mano a mano, human and cat taking turns removing blocks from the Jenga tower, which sometimes looks dangerously near collapse. Little Moe uses his paws and nose to poke and prod each block he selects until he can wriggle it free. Palesko then places Moe’s blocks on the top of the tower.

The game only ends when Moe, perhaps frustrated by the game, swats at the top of the tower and walks away without yelling the requisite “Jenga!”

Palesko tells the New York Daily News he and Nicks think the video is quintessential Moe — and quintessential cat, too.

“That was very cat-like,” Palesko says. “’I’m interested, I’m interested, I’m not interested. And now no one can be interested.’”

“It was funny enough to see him play, but to see his little temper tantrum — that was priceless,” he adds.

Moe’s owners say their furry friend first developed an interest in the game about a year ago. Curious Moe decided to jump in and give the game a go after watching Palesko and Nicks play.

“I don’t know what got into him,” Palesko says, explaining that Moe received no Jenga training before they filmed the now famous YouTube video.

Nicks says Moe is a wonderful cat who is very good at knowing “how to use his cuteness just right.”

Moe may have mastered Jenga, but what game is next? With those steady paws, my money’s on Operation.

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