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Cat Litter: Which Type Should You Get For Your Cat?

One unavoidable fact of cat adoption is that your beloved feline is going to poop. A lot. You’ve probably already prepared by stocking up on the essentials, including a litter box.

But once you’ve picked up a litter box for your cat, what’s the best type of litter to fill it with?

Let’s dig into the pros and cons of the most popular types of cat litter you can order online or purchase at your local pet store or supermarket.

Clay Litter

Cat in litter box
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Clay litter has been a staple in litter boxes for years now. It’s made from Fuller’s Earth, which has the ability to absorb odors and is even used for non-feline clean-up activities, like car oil spills.

While popular, the downside of clay litter is that it can produce dust that can aggravate your cat — and some humans. Clay litter also isn’t the most effective litter at absorbing urine.

Additionally, there are negative environmental factors concerning the way clay litter is mined and produced.

Corn Litter

Cat in litter box
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Cat litter made out of corn has become popular, especially with green-minded feline parents.

It’s biodegradable and also clumps naturally; although, some cats have been known to be put off by the smell of the litter.

If you’re environmentally conscious, maybe this litter is worth a try with your kitty.

Crystal Litter

Cat in litter box
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Crystal cat litter can be more expensive than other litters, but many cat parents prefer to pay a premium for its superior odor control abilities.

The base of the litter is made out of silica gel, whose absorbent powers mean the litter doesn’t need to be changed as frequently as other types.

Although in some cases, the shape of the crystals has proven to be rough on a cat’s paws.

Pine Litter

Cat and litter box
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Sourced from recycled sawdust produced by lumber yards and mills, pine litter is great for the environment and is biodegradable.

Unfortunately, you often pay a premium for pine litter, and it can be harder to track down in local stores. Still, some cat parents, especially those who want to go green, will put in the extra effort to bring it home for their kitties.

Recycled Paper Litter

Paper litter
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Manufactured out of recycled newspaper pages, this litter is one of the greener options you can chose. It’s also almost dust free and biodegradable.

However, recycled paper litter isn’t as effective at dealing with cat pee as some of the other options.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to each litter. You may want to try several different kinds to see what your cat prefers, then decide which one to stick with.

Does your own cat have a preference for a certain type of cat litter? Which kind do you buy for your kitty? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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