Cat Freed After Five Years Stuck In Wall The Wall At The Cairo Train Station

A cat was trapped for approximately five years behind the walls of a metro train station in Cairo, Egypt.

It’s true! Uncle Abdo, a store owner at the Mohamed Naguib Metro Station befriended a small stray kitten in 2010. He fed the kitten and name him Biso. Uncle Abdo told Veto Gate News, he would watch the kitten hide from larger local cats in a small opening of the station walls. Sadly, one day the growing kitty, slipped into the dark dank walls and never emerged.

Lucky for Biso he had a very loyal friend. Uncle Abdo knew the kitten was stuck and wanted to free him but was told that if he tampered with the building it would be considered damage to public property. In the mean time uncle Abdo did what he could to help his friend, he brought food and water every single day for five years. Abdo said that he was able to get water to the cat by pouring it into the cap of a plastic water bottle. Uncle Abdo was so devoted to the cat that during the Egyptian revolution of January of 2011, when all the businesses in the train station closed for several weeks, Abdo returned each day to bring his friend food and water.

An attempt was made to free Biso by station workers, years ago but the cat was too scared and the rescue efforts were unsuccessful.

The incarcerated kitty’s luck was about to change, thanks to the internet and some devoted activists. Earlier this year someone shared a photo of the poor kitty’s tail sticking out of a hole in the wall on social media. The photo was first shared to a facebook page to Help Save Homeless Pets and reshared on other Facebook pages and groups.

Animal activists who saw the post immediately went straight to the train station and spoke with the employees. They were told to come back when the maintenance workers would be present.

Soon Egypt’s lead animal welfare activist Dina Zulficar was notified and filed a report with the Aberdeen Police Department along with animal rights defender, Dalia Shaheen.

That very day civil defense personnel, along with local police arrived at the Mohammed Naguib Metro Station where the person in charge was informed they had a legal order to rescue the cat.

Workers were called in on their day off and several panels were removed which took more than five hours.

Biso’s exit was quick. So quick that no one was able to catch the cat to get him medical attention or a celebration dinner. He bolted from one of the openings and disappeared. No one knows where he ran off to but wherever the kitty is, it’s got to be better than being stuck inside the walls of the Mohamed Naguib train station.

Though it must have been initially terrifying, we are hoping that Biso was able to adjusting to life on the outside world. If you hear of any updates on what happened to this cat, please let us know in the comments below. We’re all pulling for him. An amazing story.

We hope that Uncle Abdo was able to see his friend again.


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