Three Cats Stuffed In Small Crate Without Food Or Water During Heatwave RESCUED!

Three cats abandoned inside a crate near a dumpster outside of a cat rescue during a heatwave were rescued by luck! The rescue is closed on Sundays but a shelter worker came in to do some work and found the cats suffering and near death outside the Ten Lives Club in Balsdell, N.Y. All three cats were crammed into one small crate/carrier, they were over heating, had peed all over themselves, and were in a panic as the summer temperatures battered the trapped animals.

Normally nobody would be at the shelter till Monday and the cats would have surely died by then. All three cats are ready for adoption and need your help to find a forever home. Please contact the Ten Lives Club for adoption info.

(Picture Credit: Facebook Cat Addicts)
(Picture Credit: Facebook Cat Addicts)

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