Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week: 7 Ways To Help Less Adoptable Cats

orange cat in the dog pound during adopt a less adoptable pet week

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The last week in September is known as Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week. It takes place from September 22nd to September 28th in 2019.

According to ASPCA, roughly 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters each year in the United States. Unfortunately, a good portion of these kitties are deemed “less adoptable.”

Felines who fall into this category are often FIV positive, senior cats, black cats, or cats with disabilities. Cats who we sometimes deem less adoptable are, in reality, loving, sweet, adorable kitties who make wonderful pets.

Rescues and shelters use events like Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week to help raise awareness for these cats. However, you can also help less adoptable cats in your community 365 days a year with the following steps.

1. Dispel Myths About FIV

less adoptable cat with paw injury

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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) positive cats are mostly just victims of misconceptions rather than some crippling, horrible disease. People often associate FIV with its “human equivalent” of HIV and believe there is a long road ahead of them. This is absolutely not true!

FIV, unlike HIV, does not progress into AIDS. FIV positive cats, especially if kept indoors, can lead long, healthy, uncomplicated lives. The condition is not harmful to humans or other animals such as dogs or birds. If a cat is spayed, the chances of her spreading the disease to other cats are slim to none.

Symptoms don’t usually show up until their teen years, if at all. If a FIV cat has a “bad case,” they will just need a little extra care.

Help spread facts about FIV so we can dispel the myths and encourage people to adopt these cats.

2. Spread The Word About Less Adoptable Cats Online

cat with one eye

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You may not be looking to adopt a senior cat who loves to sunbathe, but your uncle’s neighbor might be. That’s the beauty of social media.

Part of getting these “less adoptable” cats into amazing forever homes is introducing their forever human to them!

As they say, sharing is caring. Check out your local shelter or rescue’s Facebook page for inspiration. Use your social media or whatever platforms you have to help cats find homes!

3. Spend Time With Less Adoptable Cats At Your Local Shelter

woman holding cat in animal shelter

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Shelter workers have a lot on their plate with taking in animals, feeding them, making sure they are all safe–the list goes on. Unfortunately, with so much on their plate, sometimes one-on-one playtime or snuggle time with the kitties gets put on the back burner.

Spend some time with cats who are considered less adoptable and give them tons of love. If you see someone at the shelter browsing, you will be able to share some goofy, amazing stories about these cats who deserve amazing homes.

4. Foster!

cat going blind

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Fostering isn’t an option for everyone, but if it’s one for you, then you should take the opportunity.

A lot of shelters and rescues are overcrowded with animals, and giving a less adoptable cat a stable foster home can make all of the difference.

By fostering, you will be able to help the kitty adjust and really hone their social skills and personality, making it easier to match them with a perfect forever home.

5. Share Your Story

black cat with wide eyes looking up

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Do you have a senior cat at home who makes your life complete? Do you have a black cat who brings you good luck? How about an FIV positive kitty who lights up your life? Let the people know!

Whether its on social media or casual dinner conversation, sharing your story about how incredible your “less adoptable” cat is will help dispel some of the myths that make these kitties last to get picked.

6. Donate To Local Shelters And Rescues

shelter cats in cage

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Money is always helpful to shelters, but donations don’t always need to come in that form.

Things such as gently used blankets, cat toys, or even cardboard boxes are often welcomed with open arms by shelters. You probably already have a lot of items that shelters could use.

Shelter and rescue workers usually work on their own donated time, so taking some of the busy work of asking for donations off of their plates will allow them to spend more time placing less adoptable kitties in homes.

7. Get Creative

cat with long hair on sidewalk

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There are endless ways you can help less adoptable cats in your community. Think about some talents you may have and how they can help a cat in need.

Fancy yourself a writer? Spend time with some senior kitties up for adoption and write amazing biographies for rescue websites.

Consider yourself more of a visual person? Shoot adorable adoption videos of less adoptable cats being the silly, loving creatures they are.

Business savvy? Offer some time to your local shelter to help balance the books and track donations.

Even if you cannot adopt every less adoptable cat in the world, you can still help them using these steps.

Have you ever helped a less adoptable cat in your community in a different way? Got any tips to share for Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week? Let us know in the comments below!