Two brown domestic cats resting in cages at cat shelter. This is actually cat sitter mansion where these cats stay while their owner are on vacation. Cats have all the privileges as that do at home.

5 Purr-Worthy Cat Charities To Donate To This Holiday Season

cats in caged play area
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The holidays are a great time to think about donating to charities and organizations that do good work in areas that you’re concerned about, like advocacy for cats.

For non-profit organizations, the donations are also tax deductible! That’s something to consider as the New Year is coming up fast.

In the case of cats and feline advocacy, here are five great charities to consider donating to this year.

1. Winn Feline Foundation

The Winn Feline Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization that’s dedicated to funding cat health studies.

If you’re all about feline wellness, then this is a solid starting place to donate.

You can make a donation here!

2. Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies is a global advocacy organization that’s dedicated to protecting the lives of cats and advocating for the humane treatment of felines.

Also, they have a strong focus on trap neuter return (TNR) programs in communities around the United States, so consider Alley Cat Allies if you have strong feelings about the lives of stray and feral felines.

You can make a donation here!

3. Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Blind Cat Rescue has the mission statement of helping “blind cats see a future.”

The organization originally started in St. Pauls, North Carolina as a way to provide a safe space and shelter for blind cats that other rescues in the area turned away.

You can make a donation here!

4. The National Cat Protection Society

The National Cat Protection Society (NatCat) formed in 1968 thanks to a veteran of World War II.

While serving, C. Richard Calore found himself in a French foxhole during the cold winter. Luckily, a cat crawled in with him and kept him warm. It was that brave cat who inspired Calore to create NatCat years later.

The organization is a shelter for cats given up by their humans. It’s also a center for advocacy and education resources.

You can make a donation here! 

5. Your Local Shelter!

cat in caged play area
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Sometimes we overlook the important things on our doorstep, and you should definitely consider offering to donate to your local no-kill animal shelter.

However, if money’s tight at this time of year, you can also offer to volunteer some of your services to the shelter.

Which other great cat organizations deserve some support? Do you have a favorite cat-related charity you like to donate to during the holidays? If so, let us know about it in the comments below!


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